Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last 5 Pins

last 5 pins the tattooed housewife

Pinterest was messed up today, so these really aren't my last 5 pins, bit I guess it really doesn't matter.  They are still a new website and seem like they are always working to make it better!
yew tree
This is a 1,000 year old yew tree in England.  That is amazing!  I really want to go see it.  I wonder how they determined how old it was.  I know they could do the ring thing, but wouldn't they have to cut it open?
dream washing machines
These washing machines are not real, but I wish they were.  I would love to have my washer and dryer to look like this.  Maybe I wouldn't mind doing laundry too much then...  No, I still would hate it.

peacock tattoo
I'm not really into peacocks too much, but this tattoo was insane!  I really like how they placed it on her body.  It flows really well.

canopy bed diy
I've always wanted some kind of canopy over my bed.  I don't know why.  It just seems like it would add alot of character to the room.  This is an easy DIY!

apple cider glazed donuts
Do I even need to write anything about these???  Don't they look absolutely delicious?!  They're apple cider glazed donuts.  I want to eat ALL of them.

What are your favorite pins this week?