Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last 5 Pins

last 5 pins the tattooed housewife
These pins are really fun this week, and I'm really excited about sharing them.
This wallpaper is so freakin cute!  I love the greens and yellows in it, and I love how "busy" it is.  Gives that 60s vibe.  I don't know what room I would ever put this in.  I would probably put it in the Woman Cave, since Dan would probably not want to see it anywhere else.  haha.
vintage floral wallpaper

Durmot Mulroney.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Ever seen "A Thing Called Love?"  You should.  Not only is this amazingly hot guy in it, but an equally hot River Phoenix is in it.  And they both sing and wear tight pants.  Just sayin.
durmot mulroney

I'm still all about embroidery inspiration.  These were a couple of really cool quilting stitches that I came across.  I'm still working on my squid embroidery.  I had to pull a BUNCH of stitches out, because I used the same color floss I did the outline with to do all the details. It definitely all meshed together, and you could not tell what anything was.  So a whole week's worth of work down the drain!  Anyways, here's the stitches!
quilting stitches

This color-your-own-wallpaper would be so awesome in my daughter's room when she gets a little older.  Although, it would be cool to just let her go at it.  All the better coloring would be higher since she would get better at coloring as she got older and taller.
color your own wallpaper

This dress is MY PERFECT DRESS.  No lie.  I am in love with gingham patterns and hourglass shaped dresses (I have a bit of a large butt, so it hides it a little).  But not only is the dress amazing, the woman's hair, glasses, shoes and make-up all go together so well.  Someone please buy me everything in this picture!  Plane included!
perfect dress

Its so weird how I feel good after looking at my Pinterest pins.  Anybody else ever feel like that?  Its crazy what small things will do to you.